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Belt Splicing: Conveyor Belt Fasteners or Hot and cold endless Splicing? Is There a Difference When it Comes to purchasing, installation repairs or removal?

When it's time to think about maximizing efficiency of a conveyor belt system, one of the ways to help boost productivity is to look at the belt itself. Breakages and repairs are a fact of life, so it's best to find a belt system that is easiest to deal with when the time comes. Consider your options more.


Need conveyor belt repairs in Melbourne or Victoria? have you considered getting an audit before you need the repairs and materials?

If a conveyor belt on a work site has been in use for a year or more, it's time for an audit. it's not as scary as a tax audit, and can save you money on conveyor repairs and service life in the long term.

During a conveyor belt audit, an inspector comes and goes over the entire conveyor system thoroughly. Often, another set of eyes is useful for finding problems that people more familiar with the conveyor may not have noticed. Owners and operators who see the belt every day may not notice slight changes in the system. After an inspection, the auditor will more.


Wondering what to look for when buying conveyor belts in Melbourne or in other parts of Victoria? Consider efficiency, maintenance, Continental's Contitech conveyor belt range and more.

All State Conveyors have the full range of belting types and equipment required by industries such as mining, quarrying, food, industrial and protable equipment more.


Preventative maintenance to conveyor idler and other systems saves time and money for Victoria and Melbourne businesses

Conveyor belt systems are helpful and often essential pieces of equipment, but if not maintained properly the additional efficiency gained can be lost in unplanned stoppages and costly repairs. Preventative maintenance on a conveyor, its idler, belt, and motors prevents those stoppages and minimizes the cost of repairs.

The conveyor idler system is one of the easiest places to check for tell-tale signs of future problems. A simple walk along the line can reveal some of the most common problems. If the belt is tracking incorrectly, one possible culprit is the idler. When a conveyor idler is not set at the correct angle to the centre line of the belt it can lead to the belt running to one side. Look for correct alignment of the more.


When Choosing Hot lagging For Conveyor Drums, Rollers and Metal Components in Melbourne and Victoria, Our Operations Have All The Options For You

It's important when setting up an operation that will be using a conveyor system to pick the right type of conveyor drive for the project. There are several commonly used styles of conveyor drum lagging that may be right for your requirements.

One simple type is a plain steel head drive drum. One benefit to this style of drum is that it doesn’t need lagging to move the belt, the down side is the potential to slip in wet weather, wear the plate steel due to abrassion or simply not enough coefficent of friction to grip the pulley cover and running effectively. By simply rubber hot lagging conveyor drums more.


Choosing the right conveyor skirting rubber has multiple benefits for operations in Melbourne and Victoria

Conveyor skirting is an important element of any conveyor belt system. It can increase efficiency, reduce health and safety risks, and improve the life of conveyor systems. Making sure each system has the right skirting rubber is essential.

Recent studies are showing that silicosis – a severe medical condition stemming from the inhalation of silica dust – is a common problem at outdoor work sites. Conditions can be worsened by faulty, old, or improperly installed conveyor skirting rubber. If skirting rubber is not kept in good condition it can cause other problems, such a belt tracking which is more.


When It Comes to Conveyor Belt Scrapers in Melbourne and Victoria, Operations often Choose Flexco to Keep Their Operations Running Smoothly

Keeping conveyor belts clean is a never ending job, and not an easy one. it's important to have the right equipment to keep the belt clean. A dirty belt can lead to carry-back, tracking problems, mechanical difficulties, and sometimes injuries. Any of these problems can lead to more.


Operations in Melbourne and Victoria Utilize PVC Profile Belts and Cleated Belts with Great Success

In any operation, different types of conveyor belts are used for different purposes. A highly modular system will benefit from the ability to add things like PVC cleated belts or PVC profile belts as needed. If the operation is not modular, belts with permanent cleats or profile dividers are more.