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Adhesives and Bonding Solutions

Adhesives and Bonding Solutions

All State Conveyors offer high bonding Adhesives and Metal Primers and for your bonding work. Our ContiSecur® is excellent at providing the ultimate bonding solution for cold splicing and cold repair, for both metal and rubber surfaces.

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ContiSecur® BFA

All State Conveyors provides the reliable Conti Secur® to ensure cold bonding with contact adhesives. This process is favourable for lagging, lining, belt splicing and certain repairs. This cold bonding technique is an alternative to hot vulcanisation, which saves you investment in both time and money.

To obtain strong adhesion for rubber to metal and rubber-to-rubber Conti’s Secur® two part component contact adhesive creates excellent bonding. It was specifically created for cold splicing and cold repair for conveyor belts, but it is also useful for areas that require wear and corrosion protection. If high adhesion strength is required, this product is great for rugged demands.

Cold bonding applications are appropriate for the following:

  • Conveyor belt cold splicing and cold repair
  • Rubber-to-rubber cold bonding
  • Rubber-to-metal cold bonding
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