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LB Conveyor Belt Lifting Equipment

LB Conveyor Belt Lifters are now available from All State Conveyors

We are a fully authorised selling agent here in Australia and surrounding Asia Pacific

Features and benefits

L & B Engineering and LB Conveyor Belt Lifters have an outstanding safety record. They pride themselves on ensuring quality and safety.

L & B Engineering has delivered top quality LB Conveyor Belt Lifters in Australia and internationally for more than 25 years.

Offering a wide variety of trough and return conveyor belt lifters. When you buy their lifters you buy a quality Australian made product.

The L&B engineering support team are happy to collaborate to satisfy any specific conveyor belt lifter requirements. We also offer unmatched service and repairs.

The LB Conveyor Belt Lifter design has a number of original innovative features that improve the safety and simplify the job of changing out rollers. These include:

  • Use of high-grade steel and aluminium
  • Lightweight construction for easy one-person operation
  • Quick installation and operation that reduces downtime required to change out rollers
  • A safe mechanical aid that reduces the risk of injury
  • A manual winder handle that optimises maximum safety and reliability
  • Easy replacement of idler frames
  • Smart design that enables easy raising, lowering, and time-saving relocation
  • 800kg and 1000kg trough lifters with a two-part frame that simplifies installation and reduces manual-handling risk
  • Trough lifters at standard 45 degrees
  • Certified design, operating guides, and test certificate
Australian-designed and registered. LB Conveyor Belt Lifters are lightweight and an economical lifting devices that has undergo rigorous testing.

The LB Conveyor Belt Lifter is renowned for its reliability and ease of operation, which enables speedy relocation. It is a one-person operation and roller changing is simple and effective.

Each LB Conveyor Belt Lifter is Australian made, hand-assembled and tested in Australia. We also offer after-sales service and repairs for our conveyor belt lifter range.

LB Conveyor Belt Lifter roller replacement

Designed conveyor belt lifters that make roller replacement a simple one-person process. There is no risk of injury to the operator or damage to the conveyor belt if used according to operating instructions and guides.

Deliberately aimed for a lightweight design and achieved it. Most of LB conveyor belt lifters weigh less than 20kg. The manual wind is reliable and efficient, making it easy to carry to hard-to-access sites.

Designed belt lifters for use on the majority of conveyor applications. It is also easy to store the trough and return lifters in the optional mounting bracket. Each bracket holds one trough and one return lifter and both winder handles.

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