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Continental ContiClean

All State Conveyors introduces Continental ContiClean to the Australian Market

Looking for a conveyor belt that reduces carry-back?

Keeping material from sticking to belts is vital to keeping your operation profitable. Continental ContiClean® is your non-stick solution. Offering superior material release for everything from coal to iron ore, ContiClean® helps increase your productivity while reducing operation costs.

Customised Conveyor Belt Cover Solutions from Continental

In essence, the product has Non-stick properties built into the rubber compound, meaning materials will not adhere to the covers as a normal belt.

The reduction of the material which adheres to the belt, has the following benefits;

  1. Less carry-back passing the belt cleaners
  2. Lower volume of material being deposited long the underside of the conveyor (reduces clean-up costs)
  3. Limits build up on rollers and pulleys (longer component life)
  4. Improves belt life as material does not stick to the covers
  5. Improve belt cleaner efficiency
  6. Improves belt cleaner tip life as cleaning volume is reduced

Note. Customer experienced a 75% reduction in carry-back along the conveyor system.

  • Benefits:
    › Reduced Buildup on Idlers
    › Improved Housekeeping
    › Increased Material Transfer
    › Improved Scraper Life
    › Increased Belt Life
    › Increased Profitability
  • Industries:
    › Aggregate
    › Bulk Handling Terminals
    › Cement
    › Coal
    › Foundry
    › Limestone
    › Mining
    › Power Generation
  • Materials:
    › Sand & Gravel
    › Steel
    › Alumina
    › Cement
    › Coal
    › Gypsum
    › Limestone
    › Ore
    › Potash
    › Salt
    › Sand
    › Silica
    › Tailings

Fully Integrated Services

We offer our customers with fully integrated service packages which include:

  • Conveyor belting supply and installation
  • After-market support and ongoing service

Supported by a Team with Extensive Industrial Conveyor Knowledge

Our dedicated team have a deep knowledge and the experience within industrial conveying, particularly across the mining and quarrying sectors, including a thorough understanding of the actual conveyor belt requirements and their componentry for local and international machinery systems. We understand your belt requirements and all the components necessary for both fixed and mobile plant and equipment.

We are able to assist to adapt or modify your existing conveyor belt, supply spare parts for your conveyor system, as well as undertake routine belt inspections and belt repair maintenance to maximise the working life of your equipment.