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Conveyor Belt Repair Accessories

All State Conveyors offer Repair Bands, Patches and Fabric to use for belt repair solutions.

Our Repair Bands and Patches can be supplied with or without fabric reinforcement. These repair accessories are ideal for cover rips and tear repairs that occur in the field, utilised as a short-term measure, to prolong belt replacement or as a temporary solution until major works can be done to eliminate the initial damage. So for all belt services give us a call so we can assist you with competative pricing.

Our vast stock holding ensures prompt delivery to you each and every time.

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Conveyor Belt Repair Bands, Patches, CN Filler Rubber and Repair Fabric

All State Conveyors (ASC) stocks a number of premium repair bands, patches, CN filler rubber and conveyor repair fabric for use in repairing conveyor belt without having to remove the actual belt from the conveyor system, in light to heavy operating conditions. These repair bands and patches are also used to cover and provide extra protection from seepage with the joining of two conveyor belt ends with mechanical belt fasteners.

Conveyor Belt Repair Bands and Patches

ASC belt repair bands and patches are made of 60 Duro, Grade AS-M natural rubber and features a feathered edge to allow the repair strip or patch to completely merge with the existing conveyor belt cover. This feathering also assists with reducing the potential for the patch to catch and be removed from the damaged section of the belt when it is in operation.

These repair bands and patches are highly flexible and have very high wear resistance to large particle impact, gouging or dry sliding abrasion. These adaptable bands are designed to be utilised on a wide variety of conveyor belt cover grades. To ensure that the repair patches have a very secure bond to your belt surface, they are especially formulated with a neoprene based CN bonding layer to achieve ultimate adhesion. We recommend using ContiSecur cold bonding adhesive to achieve the ultimate bond strength.

Available in a range of Non Fabric and Fabric Reinforced types C/W CN bonding layer

Repair bands and patches can be supplied in a plain or heavy nylon fabric reinforcement for maximum puncture resistance.

Plain Repair Materials are used for damage repair to conveyor belt covers or conveyor belts operating in medium operating conditions. Fabric Repair Materials are used for damage repair to conveyor belt ply, covers or steel cord conveyors in heavy operating conditions or applications, which require maximum tear strength and puncture resistance.

Repair Bands and Patches Available Sizes

Plain Repair Materials
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Reinforced Repair Materials
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