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Powered Roller Systems

All State Conveyors supply PVC, rough top and airport conveyor belting as well as conveyor steel rollers for gravity feed and motor driven roller systems, drive bands and roller replacement. ASC can supply, install or repair your Power Roller System.

Roller Systems are either gravity fed or motor driven and can be a cost effective way to transport bulk materials such as boxes, cartoons, packages etc. These systems are ideal for the manufacturing, packaging stations and production warehouse and airports.

Powered Roller Conveyors: for Fast and Efficient Logistics

Powered Roller Conveyors are utilised in industrial environments including packaging stations, production lines and warehouses to improve production efficiencies for manufacturing and logistical companies.

All State Conveyors are able to provide a number of roller types for gravity feed and motor driven roller systems. These roller systems are utilised in the following:

  1. Divert systems on automatic sorting lines
  2. Manual Bin & Box Transport in order-picking aisles and loading zones
  3. Transfer lines between picking, order packing and dispatch areas
  4. Manual production lines
All State Conveyors


  • Warehousing
  • Box packaging
  • Supermarkets
  • Mail sorting
  • Logistic warehouses

Features of the Powered Roller Conveyors

In order to optimise your energy consumption, it is advisable to use additional speed motors and drives if your organisation moves objects with large weight, size and configuration variants.

These rollers are reliable, effective and practical for mass movement and they can be made of stainless steel, mild steel, PVC or polypropylene.

Best Suited Logistics Warehouses, Food Processing

Roller conveyors suit many situations that deal with flat-bottomed objects such as boxes, bins and larger pallets. Readily utilised by Postal and Logistics Companies, Food Processing, Supermarkets, Airports and Shipping Terminals as an efficient means of moving packaged goods to their desired destination.

ASC Services and Materials Provided

All State Conveyors services for Powered Roller Systems including:

  • Belt Supply and Installation
  • Belt Removal and Disposal
  • Hot and Cold Vulcanised Splicing and Repairs

Range of Conveyor Beltings:

  1. PVC conveyor belting
  2. Rough top conveyor belting
  3. Airport conveyor belting

Other Materials Provided:

  1. Replacement conveyor rollers
  2. Drive bands

Maintenance and Repair of Your Roller Conveyor System

All State Conveyors not only stock the appropriate roller type and spare parts, we also offer solutions to deliver routine maintenance and repairs. It is also advisable to administer regular maintenance by replacing broken drive bands and poorly turning rollers to enhance the life span of the system roller componentry, as well as reducing friction for energy efficiency.

Reviewing Your Conveyor Parts

When auditing your Powered Roller Conveyors, roller and belt system repair and or replacement you should also consider reviewing that your chain drives (including timing belt, V-belt, belt under roller, drive bands and O-ring direct drive to see if they are also in good working order, for optimal efficiency.

All State Conveyors are happy to advise which roller or drive belt may be suitable for your individual application. ASC ContiTech conveyor belts are manufactured and supplied to Australian Standards 1332.

In association with our local and international partners, we can provide you with a number of conveyor belt solutions. We are able to assist you to adapt or modify your existing conveyor belt, supply spare parts for your conveyor system as well as undertaking routine belt inspections, or belt repair maintenance to maximise the working life of your equipment.

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