Radial and Fixed Stacker Belting

All State Conveyors supply numerous belt cover compounds, with custom profiles, cleated rubber belts, spare parts and the supply, install and belt repair of your Screen, Radial and Fixed Stacker conveyor system.

Screen, Radial and Fixed Stacker conveyor systems have the ability to efficiently stockpile bulk material such as limestone, ores, sand, wood chips etc.

A stacker can usually move in at least two directions: horizontally along an arc and vertically by raising and lowering its boom, which assists to increase the height of your stockpile.

Radial and Fixed Stackers: Move Your Stock Piles (Not Your Machinery)

Radial and Fixed Stackers systems have the ability to carry material such as processed rock, minerals, aggregate and sand to create a stock pile placement for your material and is typically reserved for further processing or transportation.

The equipment can be either fixed or can be designed to slew or move in an arc across your stock piles to create new ones. In some cases the angle of the boom can change to create different placement and heights of your product.

Features of the Radial and Fixed Stackers

The belts that are made for radial stackers are usually made in N, DIN-Y, M grade natural rubber or cleated and may be supplied with corrugated sidewalls if required. The ideal chevron pattern profiles for these applications are C5 ~ C25 and Multi-V configurations although flat belt can be used depending on the elevated angle.

All State Conveyors also carry various sized belts from 300mm through to 2200mm, which are able to be made to order for your determined size either in our workshop or on-site with hot or cold vulcanising or mechanical belt joiners.

Best Suited Mining, Quarrying, Green Waste Recycling

The industries that most utilise these Radial and Fixed Stackers are mining, quarrying, sand and other mineral processing situations. This type of stacker arrangement can also be utilised by wood chip and pulp yards, green waste recycling and fertiliser plants.


  • Mining and Quarry fixed Plant
  • Quarries Sand, Rock and Aggregate
  • Sand plants
  • Mobile screens and crushers
  • Chip yards
  • Green waste recycling
  • Fertiliser plants

ASC Services and Materials Provided

All State Conveyors supply parts and services for fixed or radial and mobile stacker systems which include:

  • Belt Supply and Installation
  • Belt Sidewall and Cleat installation
  • Hot and Cold Vulcanised Splicing and Repairs
  • Rubber and Polyurethane Skirting
  • Drum hot or cold lagging
  • Belt scrapers and cleaners

Range of Conveyor Belting:

  1. Grade AS-M rubber textile conveyor belting
  2. Grade AS-N rubber textile conveyor belting
  3. DIN-Y rubber textile conveyor belting
  4. Oil resistant nitrile blended rubber textile conveyor belting
  5. FRAS rubber textile conveyor belting
  6. Heat resistant rubber textile conveyor belting
  7. Chevron pattern (profiled) rubber textile conveyor belting
  8. CFW rubber textile conveyor belting
  9. XCG textile rubber conveyor belting
  10. Corrugated belt sidewall
  11. Cleated and flat rubber belting
  12. Thrower belting

Read full details of rubber textile conveyor beltings, click here

Other Materials Provided:

Drum, Rollers, IdlersOthersOthersOthers
Impact rollersConveyor tracking systemsDischarge conesHot and cold rubber lining
Return rollersBelt tracking systemsHopper socksWear plate rubber lining
Tracking rollersBelt cleanersRubber skirtingChute lining
Conveyor drumsBelt scrapersPolyurethane skirtingConveyor impact beds
Self-cleaning head & tail drumsBelt joinersSide board materialsImpact beds
Conveyor roller framesPlate fastenersDust curtainsImpact replacement bars
Conveyor idlers and framesRepair materials

Maintenance and Repair of Your Troughed Conveyor Belt System

All State Conveyors not only stock the appropriate belting types and spare parts, we also offer solutions to deliver routine maintenance and splicing and repairs, replacement and or removal of the used Troughed Conveyor Belt System belts. We also have the ability to offer you audits for contractual routine maintenance.

Reviewing Your Conveyor Parts

When considering your Troughed Conveyor Belt System repair or replacement you should also consider reviewing your radial or fixed stackers, wear plates in your feed chutes and hoppers, discharge chute lining, polyurethane and rubber skirting, belt cleaners and self-cleaning tail drums, belt cleaners and scrapers, hungry boards/skirting systems, head and tail covers, troughed roller sets and impact beds to see if they are also in good working order, for optimal efficiency.

All State Conveyors are happy to advise which belt may be suitable for your individual application. ASC ContiTech conveyor belts are manufactured and supplied to Australian Standards 1332.

In association with our local and international partners, we can provide you with a number of conveyor belt solutions. We are able to assist you to adapt or modify your existing conveyor belt, supply spare parts for your conveyor system as well as undertaking routine belt inspections, or belt repair maintenance to maximise the working life of your equipment.

Other Conveyor Belt Systems

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