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Rubber, PVC or Polyurethane (PU) Sidewall Belt Systems

All State Conveyors supply numerous customised rubber textile elevator conveyor belts with and without corrugated sidewall. We also offer belt repair, spare parts and the supply and installation of your Sidewall Conveyor Belt.

Rubber, PVC or Polyurethane (PU) Sidewall Belt Systems are an ideal conveying solution when the space available is limited or is required to lift materials on a steep incline angle potentially up to 90º from horizontal.

Corrugated sidewall conveyor belts effectively retain loads, eliminate spillage and can easily convey materials from an horizontal to the inclined position.

Sidewall Belt Systems: Creating a Safer Working Environment

Create a safer working environment for your work space by installing corrugated sidewall on your conveyor belt system. This ensures that products are well contained when loaded and help to prevented spillage or falling whilst being conveyed. These Sidewall Belt Systems are also ideal and flexible enough to transverse curves and for 90 degree angle conveying.

Features of the Sidewall Conveyor Systems

These belts are supplied in Rubber, PVC or Polyurethane with corrugated sidewalls on the outer edge. All State Conveyors (ASC) also carry various sized belts from 300mm through to 2200mm, which are able to be made to order to your determined size either in our workshop or onsite.

Best Suited To Manufacturing and Processing, Ports and Terminals

Some of the industries that utilise these belts are, food manufacturing and processing, mines and quarries, cement production plants, shipping ports and terminals.

All State Conveyors


  • Sand plants
  • Soil screening
  • Cargo hull conveyors
  • Confectionery
  • Vegetable and fruit washing and grading
  • Food/Confectionery production
  • Ship loading terminals
  • Underground mining

ASC Services and Materials Provided

All State Conveyors supply parts and services for fixed or radial and mobile stacker systems which include:

  • Belt Supply and Installation
  • Belt Sidewall and Cleat installation
  • Hot and Cold Vulcanised Splicing and Repairs
  • Rubber and Polyurethane Skirting
  • Drum hot or cold lagging
  • Belt scrapers and cleaners

Range of Conveyor Belting:

  1. PVC and Polyurethane belting
  2. Grade AS-M rubber textile conveyor belting
  3. Grade AS-N rubber textile conveyor belting
  4. Chevron pattern (profiled) rubber textile conveyor belting
  5. Corrugated belt sidewall
  6. Elevator belting
  7. Super scoop belting

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Other Materials Provided:

All State Conveyors

Maintenance and Repair of Your Rubber, PVC or Polyurethane Sidewall Systems

All State Conveyors not only stock the appropriate belting types and spare parts, we also offer solutions to deliver routine maintenance, hot, cold or mechanical splicing, repairs, replacement and or removal of the conveyor belt. We also have the ability to offer you audits for contractual and ad hoc routine maintenance scheduling.

Reviewing Your Conveyor Parts

When considering your Sidewall Belt Conveyor System maintenance, you should also consider reviewing that your discharge chutes, polyurethane and rubber skirting, belt cleaners, and plain or self-cleaning head and tail drums to see if they are also in good working order for optimal efficiency.

All State Conveyors are happy to advise which belt may be suitable for your individual application. ASC ContiTech conveyor belts are manufactured and supplied to Australian Standards 1332.

In association with our local and international partners, we can provide you with a number of conveyor belt solutions. We are able to assist you to adapt or modify your existing conveyor belt, supply spare parts for your conveyor system as well as undertaking routine belt inspections, or belt repair maintenance to maximise the working life of your equipment.

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