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In-House Capabilities

ASC Unique In-house Capabilities and Engineering

All State Conveyors have a fully equipped conveyor belt workshop catering to standard and custom designed rubber belts, with 50 years of collective experience in the field.

We offer a variety of conveyor belting services that include custom rubber belt construction, profiling, fabrication and repair servicing, as well as providing numerous spare parts such as pulleys, scrapers, elevator buckets, rollers, elevator bolts, tracking systems, drum hot and cold lagging as well as many other conveyor components to meet the needs of mining, quarrying and the various industrial sectors in Victoria and across Australia.

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors are capable of delivering comprehensive in-house custom conveyor belt solutions such as:

  • Endless belt services to lengthen or to shorten your original belt for your current or upcoming new system.
  • Conveyor belt mechanical and hot or cold vulcanised splicing for belt re-join or repair
  • Pulley and roller hot and cold lagging solutions you can trust
  • Rubber lining options that are designed to meet your requirements
  • Carrying a large number of componentry to ensure availability for prompt delivery

ASC Reliable Custom Conveyor Belt Solutions

Custom Conveyor Belt Fabrication

All State Conveyors (ASC) take pride in being able to supply you conveyor belting which can be custom engineered and supplied in wear resistant rubber with differing grades, lengths and widths. We are also able to supply numerous belt profiles with various widths, heights and pitches to your specifications.

For a detailed description of ASC Custom Conveyor Belt Fabrication, Click here

Endless Belt Services (Extend, Shorten or Re-Join Your Original Conveyor Belt)

Perhaps your conveyor system configuration has changed and now your belt needs altering. All State Conveyors in-house engineering facilities, together with our highly skilled on-site belt technicians are able to provide you with a belt reduction or extension service (endless belt). There are three belt splicing options to change the length of your belt, either with mechanical belt fastening or cold or hot vulcanised methods.

For a detailed description of ASC Endless Belting services, Click here

Conveyor Belt Cleating

Profile and cleated belts can be supplied or tailor made by or team at All State Conveyors. Rubber, PVC, Polyurethane, Mild and Stainless Steel can be profiled and fitted to a wide range of belt types.

For a detailed description of ASC Cleating services, Click here

Conveyor Belt Splicing (Mechanical or Vulcanised Methods)

When adjusting or repairing your conveyor belt system, you may need to change your belt length with splicing. All State Conveyors offers 2 types of belt splicing, Mechanical Belt Fastening and Lap Vulcanising with either a cold or hot method. Mechanical Belt Fastening styles tends to be a short-term quick fix for your system, whilst vulcanising assists with a stronger more long-term solution. When our highly skilled belt technicians understand your requirements and environment, they will recommend the best solution and deliver a favourable and safe outcome.

For a detailed description of ASC Belt Splicing services, Click here

ASC Durable Drum Pulley Lagging Design

All State Conveyors offer rubber and Polyurethane lagging solutions engineered to your pulley specifications.

If your system componentry is subjected to high wear and adverse dry or wet environmental conditions, you should consider rubber lagging your drum pulleys. This process is an excellent option for not only protecting your drum pulley but reducing slippage and additional maintenance, therefore prolonging the life of your machinery. Lagging can be applied with specially blended rubbers, such as Nitrile, EPDM, Neoprene, FRAS and Food grade Hygienic compounds as well as Polyurethane.

For a detailed description of ASC Drum Pulley Lagging service, Click here

ASC Rubber Lining Solutions You Can Trust

When your conveyor system is continually subjected to abrasion and or chemical compounds being channeled through chutes, hoppers or bins, then the need for maintenance increases substantially. In order to protect your valuable assets, you may consider lining your system with the appropriate compound rubber and or rubber backed ceramic tile. Lining rubber is ideal for chutes, hoppers, tanks, pulleys, trunnion lining and ball mill applications and also to the conveyor belt carry cover and can be bonded with hot or cold lining applications by our expert technical team at ASC.

Grinding Rubber Lagging To Your Preferred Thickness

All State Conveyors in-house have rubber grinding services that can also deliver your preferred conveyor drum rubber thickness and crown specification to enhance the life of your conveyor system.

For a detailed description of ASC Industrial Rubber Lining Solutions, Click here

Our Large Variety of Conveyor Belt and Componentry Stock Holding Ensures Prompt Delivery

At All State Conveyors we understand that you want as little down time as possible and require a quick turn around. In order to meet this need, we carry a comprehensive range of system components and spare parts such as ContiTech rubber and PVC textile conveyor belt as part of our substantial floor stock. We are also an authorised agent for Flexco mechanical fastening, repair, impact beds and skirting systems.

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