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Custom Made Conveyor Belt Solutions

Endless Belt Services & Belt Cleating Options

Do you need to change the length of your conveyor belt?

Do you require a new cleat profile?

All State Conveyors (ASC) in-house engineering capabilities, together with our highly skilled belt technicians and sales team will have the solution for any challenge your system faces. We are able to provide endless belt services via hot or cold vulcanised splicing or mechanical fastener methods to adjust or repair your belt. We also offer belt cleating installation with either a bolted or vulcanised bonding method, both with custom made or standard off the shelf materials.

ASC Endless Belt Services (Modify Your Original Belt Length)

All State Conveyors

There are several reasons to add an insert or re-join your original conveyor belt with splicing such as, the need to modify your current conveyor belt system to reach other conveyors or your system requires repair to the head and tail drum.

In order to complete this process, you can choose to use the existing shorter belt which will require “an insert” to extend the belt length. This can then be fitted to the new or existing conveyor frame. However, if a substantial repair is required then there would generally be a need to remove a section of the belt, yet there typically is not enough length left from the original belt to correct this. Once again “an insert” will be needed to re-join the belt to place it back into service on your conveyor frame.

This can be an economical solution if you just wish to extend the life of your current system rather than replacing the original belt with a new one. In most cases, All State Conveyors can join the belt utilising either hot or cold vulcanising techniques. Depending on your belt configuration we are also able to use mechanical fasteners if required.

Do You Require Reliable Belt Modification Work?

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You can also read our splicing information to assist you in choosing which splicing technique is suited to your conditions. Or, read more details about ASC Belt Splicing Solutions, click here

To find out more about our Belt Cleating Services, continue reading at below.

ASC Conveyor Belt Cleating, Profile Styles, Fitment and Vulcanisation

All State Conveyors

Conveyor belt cleating can maximise your carrying capacity, enhance your production efficiency and will assist with inclined conveyors. Custom made cleats attached to your conveyor belt can be retro fitted via hot or cold vulcanising as well as being bolted direct to the belt if required, with all the various styles assisting to prevent material rollback.

All State Conveyors in-house engineering offers custom fabrication of belts with a range of rubber, PVC, Polyurethane (PU) and metal type cleats with differing heights, shapes and compounds to choose from. ASC look forward to meet your specification needs for your material handling applications by supplying all standard profile belting or for the purpose of converting flat belts to custom made cleated profile belts.

All State Conveyors Provide Cleat Profiles and Different Bonding Options

Belting: Rubber PVC, Polyurethane (PU) Conveyor Belts

Nominal belt widths: 450mm – 1800mm

Cleat shapes: Multi-V, C5 – C25, Sargent Stripe, Chevron and Bulls Horn

Profile material compounds: M, N, DIN-Y, Nitrile, PVC, Polyurethane, Stainless Steel

Bonding or fitment options: Bolt on, cold and hot vulcanised bonding

Do You Require Conveyor Belt Customised Cleating?

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ASC Integrated Service

All State Conveyors in-house capabilities combined with our highly skilled belt technicians provide you with a durable conveyor belt engineering and innovation solution that you can rely on. Our integrated service also offers on-site conveyor belt installation and change out services.