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On-Site Services

ASC Responsive On-Site Services

All State Conveyors have over 50 years of trusted experience and take pride in providing you with on-site conveyor belt system services, from audits to complete conveyor belt solutions.

Our 24/7 Self Sustainable, Mobile Service Units will provide you with time effective installation and repair solutions.

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors (ASC) are capable of delivering comprehensive onsite conveyor belt services which include:

  • Onsite conveyor system audits to help prevent future system breakdowns
  • ASC Independent Mobile Service Units designed to be independent of your operation
  • Additional equipment for hire such as belt removal machinery and power generation
  • Conveyor belt supply, installation and change outs
  • Confined space qualifications for difficult to access conveyors
  • Conveyor belt repair for both short or long term sustainability
  • Maintenance Programs to help you so that adequate preventative care is provided for your system
  • 24/7 hour breakdown emergency service for the state of Victoria

ASC On-Site Conveyor System Auditing

All State Conveyors can provide an onsite assessment of your conveyor system. Conveyor belts and components often have unidentified problems and these issues could cause major down time for your operation. ASC offer fully documented audits with or without service programs to assist to streamline your operation. We work with you to schedule maintenance to avoid major site down time and look to optimise the service life of your equipment. This analysis may be conducted whilst we are working on your site or at another time which is convenient for you.

For a detailed description of ASC On-site Conveyor System Audits click here

ASC Independent Mobile Service Units

Shutting down your whole conveyor operation because of necessary repairs and maintenance isn’t always necessary.

All State Conveyors 24/7 Self Sustainable Mobile Service Units are specifically designed and equipped with all the necessary componentry required for independent isolated conveyor belt installation and repair. These mobile units are equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as lighting for night work, flags and two-way radios plus truck mounted cranes, generators and portable winches. Together, these essentials will assist to deliver a proactive on-site service with as minimal operational downtime as possible.

Highly Trained Field Personnel and Technicians

All State Conveyors field personnel are highly trained belt technicians and service specialists with the ability to supply, install and maintain either hot or cold conveyor works with a vast variety of belt types. These competencies combined with our fully equipped mobile service units ensure not only safety, but also down time installation effectiveness.

Mobile Equipment Hire

Sometimes it is necessary to hire additional support equipment to manage shut downs or belt repairs.

All State Conveyors have the necessary equipment for operational maintenance. This equipment may be hired directly to assist your situation or included as a direct cost to the service job. A range of equipment includes: small to large Shaw Almex vulcanisers (up to 1800mm wide), single and three phase water cooled units, 23kVA truck mounted portable generator, truck mounted crane and much more.

For a detailed description of ASC Independent Mobile Service Units click here

Conveyor Belt Installations

Quarries and Mines need their conveyor belts quickly repaired and with very little down time.

All State Conveyors strive to deliver conveyor belting quickly for installation by your service team, or by our technicians. Our belt installations utilise Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and the appropriate safe work procedures and Job Safety Analysis (JSA). ASC truck mounted cranes, portable winches and rigging equipment are designed to ensure safety and effectiveness. Whilst onsite we are also able to offer the removal and disposal of your redundant conveyor belts.

Confined Space, Above and Below Ground Belt Installation

To reduce potential risk where hard to access conveyors need to be repaired safely by qualified personal, All State Conveyors have certified ‘Confined Space’ sales and belt technicians who understand the appropriate procedures and safety regulations necessary for belt installations in narrow or difficult to get to environments such as under ground mines and conveyor tunnels.

For a detailed description of ASC Conveyor Belt Installation click here

Conveyor Belt Repairs

Conveyor belts are often subjected to major wear and tear because of the type of rough sharp bulky materials being dropped onto the conveyor belt. These factors affect the belt life span and increase the need for belt maintenance. All State Conveyors are able to provide a number of repair options depending on your requirements and operational conditions. For fast repair then Patches and Repair Bands are ideal as a short-term solution. Mechanical Belt Fastening and Hot or Cold Vulcanised Splicing are more suitable for longer term results.

For a detailed description of ASC’s Conveyor Belt Repairs services, Click here

Conveyor Maintenance Program and Service Agreements

By properly maintaining your conveyor system, you manage operational cost fluctuations and prevent major system repairs and down time.

All State Conveyors work with you to understand your objectives and priorities and offer several flexible Maintenance Program Service Agreements. Our sales team combined with our technicians are able to assist with maintaining all static and dynamic components including conveyor idlers, skirts, belt cleaning systems, conveyor belt tracking, pulleys lagging, belt tracking and alignment issues.

For a detailed description of ASC Conveyor Maintenance Program and Service Agreements click here

24 Hour Breakdown Emergency Service

24/7 conveyor belt breakdown assistance

For Victorian Breakdown Servicing ring 03 9706 6339 at any time, any day. With one call we can respond to your 24/7 breakdown requirements within 30 minutes (in most cases) to ensure your equipment is up and running as quickly as possible.