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Mobile Self Sustainable Service Unit

ASC On-site Independent Mobile Service Units

All State Conveyors (ASC) have specifically designed and equipped our mobile service units with you, the customer in mind.

Our agile and responsive mobile service unit operators are highly trained and have well equipped vehicles with mounted cranes, portable winches and working tools to assist your conveyor system service needs. We also offer additional equipment for hire.

Time Effectiveness Field Service Personnel

All State Conveyors (ASC) understand the need for prompt responses to any unplanned situations for the conveying industry, to minimise impact to your production and to provide effective solutions. We understand the need for as little down time as possible and have developed self-sustainable crews and ASC Mobile Service Units to be as agile and self contained as possible to work in all situations.

All State Conveyors field personnel are highly trained belt technicians and mechanical service specialists. We have the ability to supply, install and maintain either hot or cold conveyor works for a vast variety of belt types. The field personnel will come to you with their fully equipped mobile service units to ensure safety and down time installation effectiveness. We try to ensure that in most cases there is minimal interruption to your work flow where possible.

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ASC 24/7 Mobile Units: To Assure Your Requirements are Met Promptly

These mobile service units are modern, well-presented and equipped with safety lighting, flags and two-way radios which will assist to deliver a proactive on-site service. Aside from carrying items used for direct repair, these units are equipped with truck mounted cranes, portable winches and various rigging equipment. Our 24/7 mobile units are designed to promptly meet the majority of your requirements.

The equipment utilised on site is specifically chosen to maximise the support for on-site repair and installation and to minimise your down time.

Do You Need On-site Conveyor System Assistance?

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Equipment Hire

All State Conveyors

We also offer additional equipment for hire such as our 23kVA portable generators, belt winders, single and 3 phase vulcanisers and let-off stands. These items can be individually commissioned or be included as per job requirement and or included in the long-term maintenance agreement.

List of equipment for hire is as follows:

  • Small to large Shaw Almex vulcanisers up to 1800mm wide
  • Single and three phase water cooled units
  • 23kVA truck mounted portable generator
  • Portable winches and rigging equipment
  • Belt winder and let-off stands
  • Truck mounted crane
  • Fully equipped 4WD service vehicles

Do You Need to Hire Equipment for Your Industrial Tasks?

Email or call us on 03 97066339 to find out more about our equipment hiring.