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Maintenance Program – Service Agreements

We Offer Conveyor Maintenance & Service Agreements

Conveyor belts and componentry maintenance is important to ensure your conveyor system works efficiently.

All State Conveyors offer reliable on-site conveyor belt and conveyor componentry maintenance services. These services are designed to ensure optimal conveyor working conditions, to prolong the systems life span and to ultimately assist to eliminate potential serious down time caused by breakdowns.

Reliable Conveyor Belt Maintenance

All State Conveyors

A conveyor belt is the lifeblood of any delivery process infrastructure.

The Conveyor belt is vital to your conveyor system and it MUST be well maintained to prolong the belt life span and to avoid unplanned system shut downs. There are a number of ways to preserve the life of your existing conveyor belt with regular belt monitoring, maintenance and refurbishment, often at a much-reduced cost in comparison to a new belting system.

All State Conveyors dependable conveyor maintenance assists with ensuring that the bulk materials are being transported effectively utilising the maximum amount of conveying time. These cost effective on-site services include mechanical splicing, hot and cold vulcanising, repairing longitudinal tears and damaged belt edges.

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Maintaining Your Conveyor Componentry Is Critical

When carrying out conveyor belt maintenance, you may also want to consider looking into the maintenance of your conveyor componentry.

Often after long-term haulage most componentry and in particular conveyor idlers, or conveyor rollers may be critically worn and in need of replacing or simply need adjusting to preserve their service life. Once again it is very important to monitor both the belt and componentry performance closely. If these components are not attended to, then your system and production may be severely compromised.

System Audits and Maintenance Programs Can Prevent Major Repair Costs and Down Time

All State Conveyors can work with you to schedule regular system check-ups for your equipment. These visual check-up programs are designed to identify future problems or wear and tear issues that, when rectified early on, may assist to halt major outlays in the future or at the very least you can plan and budget for them.

We also alert you when componentry is compromising the system and needs to be changed out in order for the belting system to function properly. If agreed upon, we can either do this change out during repairs and modifications on site or at our fully equipped workshop where practicable.

There are some components and conveyor sections which particularly need close inspection and monitoring to eliminate any potential break down, and these include:

Belt Tracking and Alignment

If your belt tracking is not working properly then this also means some of the componentry may need replacing or repairing. It is also very important to monitor the cleanliness of your conveyor by maintaining the Cleaner/Scraper systems to preserve the life of your conveyor belt.

Skirting Rubber

Skirting rubber is another often, overlooked componentry. It is extremely useful when working to full capacity to preserve the maximum load haulage to minimise haulage loss or for reducing dust distribution.

Conveyor Pulleys

Conveyor pulleys are designed for use on belt conveyor systems as a means to drive, redirect, provide tension, or help track and support the conveyor belt. If these pulleys are worn and the tension is reduced and there is slippage or tracking issues then your conveyor will not function properly and eventually wear. All State Conveyors offer pulley hot and cold lagging as well as repairs, and if appropriate ASC can offer an off-site pulley refurbishment service to extend the life of your pulleys.

Pulley Lagging (Head, Tail and Snub Pulleys)

Increases positive friction, displaces water and protects the steel shell from excessive wear. Some of our customers have systems that have a change out (exchange) drum so production is on going whilst the backup drum is refurbished. This ensures that the reserved drum is at the ready for quick change outs.

Rubber Lining

Rubber lining Preserves the chute or hopper steel work, assists with anti-caking, reduces noise, eliminates sparks for high risk fire prevention environments.

Impact Saddle, Impact Beds and Impact Rollers

Material size, weight and the drop height combined with the products travel speed, can cause a considerable impact force that may damage and degrade the conveyor belts working life. The right impact equipment must be chosen and installed correctly to absorb the impact energy and minimise any damage to the belt cover and fabric ply integrity.

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ASC Maintenance Program and Service Agreements

All State Conveyors offer several Maintenance Program Service Agreements which can be arranged with short or long term objectives in mind. They are designed to ensure that your conveyor system receives the necessary maintenance required to prolong service life and in turn save your business from unplanned expenses associated with major break downs.

Why is a Maintenance Program So Important?

Normal wear and tear can result in lower machine efficiency. The costs and down time associated with a planned, preventative maintenance overhaul are comparatively small, in comparison to the overheads associated with a major breakdown, let alone the time needed to complete a major service, which in turn severely interrupts production. The main purpose of regular maintenance is to ensure that all equipment required for production is operating at a high percentage of efficiency at all times and to ensure safety and protection of the work environment.

5 Benefits When Considering a Maintenance Program

  1. You maximise the potential life span of your conveyor system.
  2. By taking a proactive stance in preventing unexpected equipment problems, you minimise downtime.
  3. Understanding your equipment’s working potential, to maximise your operational return.
  4. Real time reporting to plan for your equipment’s immediate issue.
  5. Minimise potentially expensive call outs and down time from equipment failure.

ASC conveyor maintenance teams are highly experienced and experts in maintaining all types of conveyors and associated equipment. We believe in working together to achieve your objectives and are able to adjust our Service Agreements to meet your needs which could extent to:

    • Asset management
    • Maintenance management
    • Maintenance strategy development
    • Maintenance procedure development
    • Planning and scheduling, or

    Your simplified Maintenance Program Service Agreement may just assist with delivering day to day assurance for a seamless operation.

    Want to know More About ASC Maintenance & Service Agreements?
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