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Conveyor Rollers and Idlers

Looking for the appropriate conveyor trough, impact, return, training or side guide roller solution?

All State Conveyors stock premium quality carry, return, impact and side guide rollers with numerous abrasion resistant shell options. We stock high quality bearing and labyrinth seal designs to increase your service life and to meet your application needs for different industries, particularly for extreme conditions such as mining and quarrying.

Our vast stock holding ensures prompt delivery each and every time.

All State Conveyors

Conveyor Rollers

All State Conveyors (ASC) supply premium quality: trough idlers, plain and rubber disc return, impact and side guide rollers for your conveyor system. Our rollers are constructed and designed to minimise maintenance and support the impact of uneven loads with high speed conveying. These innovative designs also have sealed lubricated bearing housings to help prevent leakage and to provide maximum protection.

We Have the Following Rollers Available:
  • Steel Carry and Return Rollers
  • Impact and Rubber Disc Return Rollers (RDRT)
  • Side Guide and Training Rollers

ASC specialise in products for the mining and mineral processing industries. Our product engineers have significant experience in conveyor componentry solutions, which are safe, high quality, reliable and in turn maximise the productivity duty cycle. ASC rollers are greased and sealed in the manufacturing stage to ensure the correct quantity and grade. All ASC standard rollers are designed with the following design principles:

  • Rotation balance
  • Increased bearing life
  • Minimal shell wear
  • Reduction in inertia power consumption
  • Noise reduction for quieter running

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How Carry and Return Rollers are Utilised in a Conveyor System

Conveyor rollers either sit in the bed of an idler frame to support the belt and product or are individually attached under the conveyor to support the belt return. Return Rollers are often specified as flat steel or fitted with Rubber Disc rings under the conveyor on the return section to support the return side of the conveyor belt from distorting with gravity. These rollers turn freely, working in line with the belt in the roller support frame mechanism.

Most high capacity belt conveyors use rollers attached to a troughed idler frame that is mounted under the carrying side of the system. The idler frame can be a single or a multiple set of rollers but are usually comprised of three rollers of equal length. The middle roller is mounted horizontally while the outer two are typically mounted on standard fit for purpose angles to support the base and sides of the belt and the angle or situation. This framing then forms a ‘U’ shape and provides support to the belt sides as it cradles the conveyed material.

ASC Rollers: Premium Quality and Worth the Investment

All State Conveyors

The initial outlay for a roller, as well as the whole idler frame can be quite substantial. However, you should consider the entire service life of this important componentry in line with your operating system outlay.

Each time a roller or idler system needs to be serviced or replaced, this cost can potentially be substantial, as the conveyor system needs to be completely isolated and shut down. A new roller might need to be purchased and the old one disposed of or recommissioned. In this instance, we recommend purchasing a quality and reliable product that will last for a longer period of time in order to receive better longer term value and possibly have a roller in reserve to minimise down time.

All State Conveyors are able to help reduce the total roller cost by working with your site operation synergies and processes. We are able to assess your operating site conditions so that our rollers are not over or under engineered, ensuring that we maximise your running efficiencies and minimise power consumption.

8 Things to Consider When Selecting Rollers for Your Conveyor System

Eight key considerations that should be reflected upon to ensure that the selected rollers can perform to their maximum operating performance for your conveyor and avoid system breakdowns such as bearing failures due to excessive shaft deflection:

  1. The size, shape, weight and surface of your conveyed materials
  2. The operating environment conditions, such as impact, duty, cycle and spacing
  3. The belt width, roller type and travel speed when choosing the right roller length and diameter
  4. Shaft diameters must be large enough to support the load and mitigate deflection
  5. Provides for vibration-free running
  6. Seals must prevent internal penetration of contaminates such as dirt and water to the bearings
  7. Select rollers which, are designed and built with labyrinth sealing systems.
  8. Utilise pre-lubricated precision ball bearings

All State Conveyors in-house custom manufacturing also offers durable lagging solutions for your steel head, tail,snub or bend roller with hot or cold vulcanised rubber as well as being finished with crowning and lagging thicknesses to meet your specified design. Our vast array of stock ensures prompt delivery to you each and every time.

See below for our range of idlers and rollers for your conveyor application.

ASC High Performance Idler and Roller Selection

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors stock an extensive range of high performance and durable rollers and idlers for both flat and trough conveyor frames, as well as impact, return and tracking types. Fixed troughed roller frames are supplied as inline or offset with Flat or Rubber Disc Return and Impact roller sets also available.

Offset Vs Inline Idlers

Offset Idlers: Offset idlers have slightly overlapping rollers. They contribute self training properties and must be installed in the correct orientation which is square to the belt and conveyor frame. The moving belt must be in contact with the centre roller first.

Inline Idlers: Inline idlers are generally used on long conveyors and where thick belts are used. They must be installed square to the belt and conveyor frame.

All State Conveyors
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Or see below for our range of Conveyor Rollers for your applications.

Steel Carry and Return Rollers

All State Conveyors supply Steel Carry and Return Conveyor Rollers which are made with high quality steel tube, welded end plates, quality bearings and integrated labyrinth seals to provide optimum performance, reliability, durability and long service life span.

Our steel, high quality, tube rollers are manufactured conforming to ISO9001:2008 (International quality standards) and the shells are able to be rubber lagged or supplied galvanised for special applications.

Benefits and Advantages of Steel Carry and Return Conveyor Rollers

ASC Steel Carry and Return Conveyor Rollers have a number of the benefits:

  • Produce lower noise
  • Designed for harsh weather and extreme applications
  • Suitable for underground applications
  • High assembly accuracy to eliminate bearing stress
  • Best practice bearing protection and sealing arrangement
  • High quality competitively priced parts and materials, increases performance and lowers maintenance costs with less breakdowns and therefore reduces total cost of ownership
  • Is able to sustain higher loads, ideal for heavy duty applications
  • The welded roller ends ensure handling of high loads, belt tracking, thermal expansion/contraction and moisture absorption
  • Housing ends can be precision balanced to required specifications
  • Steel rollers can be hot vulcanised rubber lagged or cold wear coated
Available Quality Standards to Meet Your Needs:

ASC Steel Carry and Return Conveyor Rollers are well suited for use in light, medium and extreme conditions such as mining, quarrying, above and below ground applications.

Standard Application: Our rollers are made from quality 3mm cold drawn steel tubing for maximum strength and duty cycle.

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Impact Rollers: For Absorbing Extreme Impact in the Loading Zone

Conveyor Impact Trough Rollers are designed to work best in the product loading zone of a conveyor, providing additional protection by absorbing compression shock to the conveyor belt and the roller frame. Quality Impact rollers will protect the belt where the lump size, weight or shape, exacerbate damage to the belt cover from the free fall of material.

The Impact Roller construction consists of a series of resilient rubber discs assembled onto the steel tube. The rubber discs are designed to absorb the actual impact and have been manufactured with excellent anti-wear characteristics.

Benefits of Impact Rollers:
  • Ideal for areas of high impact loads
  • Ideal for heavy conveyor loading and transfer points
  • Protects the belt where the impact load can cause damage to the belt cover and carcasses

All State Conveyors rubber disc impact rollers are a highly effective way to subdue abrupt and large impact loads and subsequently increase the life span of the roller and support frame used in the impact zone, such as loading and transfer points. We highly recommended to use of Impact Rollers to absorb the contact collision of material free fall.

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Rubber Disc Return Rollers (RDRT): Lower Drive Energy and Prevent Carry Back Issues

Rubber Disc Return Rollers (RDRT) are designed to be used on belt return system for situations that have dirty belt environmental conditions and carry back issues. Rubber discs can break up the contact between the belt and the roller surface area reducing the drive energy required and encourages any unwanted return material that might be adhered to the belt to loosen and fall away.

RDRT Rollers Provide a Simple and Cost Effective Solution to Build Up Reduction

All State Conveyors supply return rollers that are specifically used on the return side of the conveyor. Plain flat steel is usually suggested however, rubber disc return rollers (RDRT) can be implemented to break the contact between the belt and the roller surfaces with the rotation of the discs to reduce sticky and caked materials adhering to the return belt.

Our highly effective Rubber Disc Return Rollers are a reliable, simple and cost-effective maintenance solution for this common conveyor belt caking problem. These rollers are ideal for areas where return rollers are subject to high carry back volumes and where return rollers in particular are subjected to high shell wearing. Our rubber discs return rollers are lubricated and then sealed for maximum life which simply eliminates the need for on-going lubrication. Set out should ideally have a distance between them of 2 and 6 metres.

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Did You Know? Return rollers with rings should not be used for belt tension or snub drum devices.

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Lagging your rollers? Read below about ASC lagging services.

ASC Lagging Services to Provide Protection for the Steel Roller Surface

All State Conveyors Lagging services are carried out in our workshop with our experienced and highly skilled technicians. We are proud to provide long lasting and a fast turnaround for roller lagging.

Lagging is available in cured and uncured rubber and is able to be bonded with cold or hot vulcanisation. Rubber grades can be specified as standard or we can include Neoprene or FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti-Static) where specific safety standards are required for your above or below ground conveyor system.

Why Lag and Protect Your Steel Drum and Rollers
  1. Rubber lagging plain steel rollers can prolong the steel surface life by resisting high abrasion and roller wear.
  2. Lagging your drum or roller will not only help to prevent side to side belt slippage, but it also assists in protecting the pulley from damage.
  3. Lagging also allows for lower belt tension and greater drive power, thus increasing the belt life span and your conveyor efficiency.
You can read more about or in-house Lagging Solutions, click here.
Or email us regarding your operational requirements or to arrange a quote or placing an order.