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Mechanical Fastening Systems

Looking for the right mechanical fasteners for your belt splicing?

All State Conveyors understands choosing the proper mechanical belt fastener for conveyor belt splicing or repairs is an important step to ensure that there is sufficient grip formed between the two joining belts to avoid separation.

ASC stocks a comprehensive range of Flexco® light and heavy-duty mechanical belt fasteners with a choice of wire hook, plates and hinges. These mechanical fasteners possess surprising strength, durability, and affordability with easy quick installation, to assist with your belt splicing and belt repairs.

All State Conveyors

ASC Offered Mechanical Fasteners Solutions

All State Conveyors (ASC) stocks and distributes a broad range of Flexco®’s plate, hinge and mechanical fasteners for conveyor belt splicing or repairs. These robust fasteners are suited to numerous conveyor belt operating tensions (PIW). ASC’s vast stock holding ensures we provide quick delivery to you each and every time.

ASC’s fasteners feature low profiles with substantial grip that adheres to almost any belt carcass by piercing the carcass fibres without damaging them. Their teeth like features literally “push” the fibres aside, passing between them to embed the fastener in the belt and securing a solid grip. We supply mechanical conveyor belt fasteners in a number of ways:

We Supply Mechanical Conveyor Belt Fasteners in a Number of Ways:
  1. By the full box or pack
  2. By the loosebox
  3. A complete fastener for a specific belt width for you to install into your own belt, or a belt supplied by us
  4. By contracting a ASC serviceman to install a fastener into your own belt, or a belt supplied by us

All State Conveyors provides mechanical belt fastener installation services, with the repair or splice either attended to at your site or in our workshop, depending on your requirements. Our technicians are highly skilled and committed to providing timely, fast turnaround and reliable work.

Did You Know? Repair Bands or Patches can be used for the reinforcing and protection of your belt splice, to minimise seepage from small debris sifting through the joint, which will eventually cause wear and abrasion? Speak to our belt specialist for more details.

Plates and Hinged Fasteners to Fit Your Requirements

All State Conveyors

When a conveyor belt requires joining or is being repaired, choosing the proper mechanical belt fastener is a critically important step. These fasteners are also an ideal belt repair option for remote field operations and more so, when you have a breakdown and need to get production back on track as quick as possible. With surprising strength, durability, affordability and easy installation, mechanical belt fasteners are a clever option.

All State Conveyors Provide Range of Flexco® Products Which Include:
  1. Heavy Duty Fasteners
  2. Rivet Hinged Systems
  3. Rivet Solid Plate Systems
  4. Bolt Solid Plate Systems
  5. Bolt Hinged Systems
  6. Rip Repair Systems
  7. Heavy Duty Staple Hinged Fasteners
  8. Heavy Staple Hinged Fasteners
  9. RS62, RS125 & RS187 in Stainless & Coated Steel
  10. HT (High Tensile) Baler Belt Fasteners
  11. Alligator Transmission Belt Lacing
  12. 1, 140, 190, 1 ½ Solid Plate Bolt Fasteners available in Mild Steel, Everdur, Megalloy and Stainless Steel
  13. 2, 2 ¼, 2 ½ & 3 Solid Plate Bolt Fasteners available in Mild Steel, Everdur, Megalloy and Stainless Steel
  14. 140VP, 190VP & 2VP Rubber Covered Plate Fasteners
  15. 16, RP1E, RP2E, 17/2 & 22/2 Turtle Rip Repair Plates
  16. 375X & 550 Bolt Hinged J Fastener Cartons available in Mild Steel & Stainless Steel

Flexco® Plate and Hinge Fasteners Selections

Sift-free Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners

Some mechanical splices have issues with material sifting through the joins however Bolt Solid Plates produce a substantial solid bond that results in a sift-free splice. This is the result of a combination of compressed top-and-bottom plates and high-tensile-strength bolts.

Mechanical fastener rating is from 150 – 560 PIW (30 – 100 kN/m)

Belts Thickness: 5mm – 24mm

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 300mm – 1220mm

Secure your conveyed materials such as sand, gravel, crushed rock and cement with this impenetrable sift-free splice.

Enquiry about Sift-free Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners, click here

Quick Interchange Bolt Hinged Fasteners

Bolt hinged fasteners are ideal for conveyor belt applications subjected to length adjustments because the joint can be separated easily by removing the hinge pin, making the process relatively quick. The combination of penetration and compression delivers strength and reliability to belts operating over smaller pulleys.

Mechanical fastener rating from 190 – 300 PIW (33 – 52 kN/m)

Belts Thickness: 6 mm – 16 mm

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 150 mm – 225 mm

This bolt hinged fastener is great when applied to belts which operate over small pulleys.

Enquiry about Bolt Hinge Fasteners, click here

Rivet Hinged Fasteners

Ideal to use with rubber-plied and PVC solid woven belting or for worn belts that are unfit for vulcanised splicing, delivering performance and long life with easy installation.

Mechanical fastener rating from 330 – 2000 PIW (60 – 350 kN/m)

Belts Thickness: 3mm – 25.5mm after skiving

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 125mm to 150mm

Rivet hinged fasteners offer maximum resistance for pull outs and are perfect for worn belting unfit for vulcanising.

Enquiry about Rivet Hinged Fasteners, click here

Staple Fasteners

Staple fasteners are a reliable, narrow-looped staple for splicing which is ideal for light end mining operations especially when working with plied rubber and for PVC belting.

Mechanical fastener rating up to 800 PIW (140 kN/m)

Belts thickness: 6mm to 14mm

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 225mm – 300mm

Available in steel and stainless steel. The bevelled edges and recessed staple pockets deliver a low-profile splice.

Enquiry about Staple Fasteners, click here

ALLIGATOR® Staple Fast Installing Fasteners

ALLIGATOR® Staple Fasteners are ideal for a wide variety of light to medium-duty fastener applications. The system features one-piece fastener strips with pre-inserted staples that increase the speed of installation and keep downtime to a minimum.

Mechanical fastener rating up to 200 PIW (35 kN/m)

Belts Thickness: 1.5mm – 6.4mm

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 50mm – 102mm

These staples produce an abrasion-resistant splice. The bevelled edges and recessed staple pockets deliver a low profile splice. They are available in steel, stainless steel, MegAlloy® and magnetic stainless steel.

Enquiry about Alligator Staple Fast Installing Fasteners, click here

ALLIGATOR® Lacing Low-Profile Belt Fasteners

ALLIGATOR® Lacing Fasteners are ideal for easy and economical installations for low-profile belt splicing. These lacing fasteners fit any belt width and are available in continuous lengths that provide uniformed tension across the full belt width.

Mechanical fastener rating up to 200 PIW (4.3kN/m – 35 kN/m)

Belts Thickness: up to 12.7mm

Minimum Pulley Diameter: 25mm – 356mm

They are available in steel and stainless steel, engineered to prevent pieces from working loose from the belt and falling into the conveyed product. Removable hinge pin allow for easy cleaning and belt sanitation.

Enquiry about Alligator Lacing Low Profile Belt Fasteners, click here

ALLIGATOR® Rivet Fasteners for Hay Baling and Underground Mining

ALLIGATOR® Rivet Fasteners were specially designed for the rugged round hay baling applications and underground mining. These fasteners simplify belt maintenance, as the belt is easily removed for extensions or cleaning.

Hinged splice: Rivet-attached for maximum resistance to pullout

Mechanical fastener rating from 300 to 2000 PIW (52 – 350 kN/m)

Belt Thickness: 3.2mm – 5.6mm

Minimum Pulley Diameters: 88mm

Comprised of stainless steel with a low-profile to minimise snagging and wear to conveyor components. This Alligator rivet produces a robust and abrasion-resistant splice, which are also suitable for the underground mining.

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