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Rubber Skirting and Polyurethane Material

Looking for the right skirting material to contain spillage and reduce environmental dust issues?

All State Conveyors offers 4 types of Skirting materials: Soft 38 ~ 45 duro Skirting Rubber, Natural 60 ~ 65 duro Skirting Rubber, Polyurethane (PU) Skirting and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) Skirting Rubber to suit your application needs. By effectively using the correct conveyor skirt material it will help to prevent spills and greatly reduces the amount of dust that would otherwise escape with rock and ore processing or aggregate production commonly found in the quarry and mining industries.

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All State Conveyors

Durable Skirting Material For Conveyors

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors (ASC) has a wide selection of premium grade 38 ~ 65 duro skirting rubber and polymers to use for sealing and product containment for conveyor belt systems. These skirt products are equipped with numerous compound properties, which provide excellent resistance to mechanical actions such as tearing, abrasion, cuts and gouging. There are various grades to suit conveyor systems from the light end of industry through to the toughest of conditions. At All State Conveyors our options are as follows:

    • Soft Skirting Rubber
    • Natural Skirting Rubber
    • Polyurethane (PU) Skirting
    • FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) Skirting Rubber

    ASC Durable PU Skirting and Rubber Skirting Options to Enhance your Conveyor System

    Abrasion resistant rubber skirts are designed to minimise dust emissions, spillage and wear to your machinery in the form of abrasion. You should consider skirting for a work environment where both moving and fixed components are in constant or frequent contact with other materials and are exposed to abrasive actions.

    See below for more properties and characteristics of each ASC skirting product.

    Natural Skirting Rubber for Medium Wear Resistant Conditions

    All State Conveyors supplies superior grade Natural Skirting Rubber which are comprised of 60 durometer blended natural and synthetic rubber strips. These skirts are ideal for quarrying and mining environments where there is substantial exposure to dust emissions, particularly from rock fall at loading zones. The natural skirting rubber is applied to the conveyor belt and fitted to seal the sides of the belt to minimise the dust and travelling material from escaping. The skirts are also hard wearing and resist abrasion in medium wear situations.

    ASC supply Natural Skirting Rubbers’ with thickness from 6mm ~ 25mm. We supply strip widths and slab forms from 75mm up to 300mm to suit your conveyor system designs. ASC custom engineers to your specifications catering to your application requirements.

    Enquiry about ASC Natural Skirting Rubber, click here

    Soft Skirting Rubber for Fine Partical Wear Application and Conditions

    All State Conveyors are able to supply high quality grade Soft Skirting Rubber which is soft, flexible and highly elastic, in 38 ~ 40 duro natural rubber strip 30m rolls ranging in nominal widths of 75mm, 100mm 150mm 200mm and 300mm . This compound type of soft skirting is more durable than most harder duro types and it is suitable for abrasive conditions where finer particles such as sand and other similar sized minerals pass through problematic areas as it is extremely flexible but also very stable for harsh industries found in sand and mineral processing facilities.

    Harsh industries tend to have extreme environments which produce major dust hazards and potential product fall from their conveyor belts. To assist in reducing this situation our soft skirting rubber not only has high resistance to abrasion and tearing but hinders dust escaping and material spillage making sure the product stays on the belt and not on the ground.

    ASC supplies Soft Skirting Rubbers with thicknesses from 6mm ~ 25mm. We supply slab rolls and standard strip widths and can cut custom widths if desired to suit your conveyor system requirements. ASC custom engineers to your specifications to cater to your application requirements.

    Enquiry about ASC Soft Skirting Rubber, click here

    Durable Polyurethane Skirting for Extreme Conditions

    All State Conveyors supply a high quality grade Polyurethane Skirting material which is supplied as 65 duro wear resistant polyurethane strip roll. This skirting material has the capacity to contain your conveyor load and greatly reduce dust emissions with its high tensile strength. ASC Polyurethane Skirting also has high resistance to abrasion and tearing. This product is ideal for mobile machinery and hard to access situations.

    The Skirt edge is supplied with skive shaped edges to sit just above the conveyor belt to assist with sealing the potential gap between the skirt and the belt. The skirting also reduces the agitation between the skirt and the belt by reducing the surface contact. This product is particularly helpful for the wet sand, clay and mobile crushing and screening processes where the skirting material needs to have great durability because the limited opportunities for servicing and difficult change out or access zones.

    ASC supplies Polyurethane Skirting with a thickness of 12mm or 16mm. We supply strip widths from 100mm up to 300mm with a skived bevel. ASC custom engineers to your specifications to cater to your application requirements.

    Enquiry about ASC Polyurethane (PU) Skirting, click here

    FRAS Skirting Rubber for Underground Applications

    All State Conveyors are able to supply a quality grade certified skirting rubber which has antistatic and flame resistance properties. FRAS Skirting Rubber is supplied in 60 duro synthetic rubber 30m lengths which are ideal for areas on your conveyor which present flame or static electrical hazards. These tend to be loading or transfer points particularly in underground situations such as mines or construction tunnels. These industries, as well as grain processing also tend to have a high exposure to ignition points for potential combustion.

    In order to properly counter this potential hazard ASC FRAS Skirting Rubber has an underground coal mine certification. To further counter wear issues to your plant and equipment, our FRAS skirting rubber also has a high resistance to abrasion and tearing, helping to mitigate dust expulsion and material spillage.

    ASC supplies FRAS Skirting Rubber with a thicknesses of 6 ~ 19mm. We supply slab rolls or 30m strip widths from 75mm up to 300mm to suit your conveyor system both above or below ground. ASC custom engineers to your specifications and to cater to your application requirements.

    Enquiry about ASC FRAS Skirting Rubber, click here

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