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XCG, M & DIN-X Rubber Grade Textile Conveyor Belt

Do you need a conveyor belt highly resistance to extreme abrasion for severe conditions?

All State Conveyors offers Extra Cut & Gouge (XCG) cover grade Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts with high tensile strength and or Crows Foot Weave (CFW) blended carcass.

Why use a XCG cover and a CFW carcass?

These premium grade textile conveyor belts are equipped with reinforced premium compounds for cover and superior abrasion resistance. Combined with the reinforced CFW fabric blended carcass this provides the highest level of belt protection from abrasion, cutting, and gouging in toughest the industries such as primary crushing, mining, minerals and quarrying processes.

Designed for Superior Cut and Gouge Resistance

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors (ASC) offer Extra Cut & Gouge (XCG) Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts, with superior tensile strength Crows Foot Weave (CFW) fabric. The reinforced blended carcass and low tension member of the belts enable short take-ups. These belts are available with widths ranges up to 2200mm and are highly recommended for extreme bulk handling operating conditions where superior resistance to high abrasion, cutting and gouging is required.

Extra Cut & Gouge Rubber Conveyor Belt Cover Features:

  • High tensile strength
  • Low elongation
  • Excellent troughing ability
  • Exceptional abrasion resistant qualities
  • Good high impact resistant qualities
  • Superior cut, rip, tear and gouge resistant qualities

Configured with Premium Cover Compounds and CFW for Superior Resistance to Heavy Impact

ASC Extra Cut & Gouge Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts are configured with exceptional tensile strength. The Crows Foot Weave (CFW) fabric blended carcass has excellent fastener holding ability due to 50% more polyester threads (ends) woven into the special straight warp, 40% heavier weft yarn and 20% more polyamide weft threads (picks) than a normal carcass. This weft strength is 3 ~ 5 times higher, which in turn provides the belt higher tear strength for superior resistance from extreme impact with cuts and gouges from sharp edged materials being conveyed.

Its Natural Rubber (NR) and Butadiene Rubber (BR) top and bottom cover compounds, are comprised of different polymers and fillers with properties that create great resistance to abrasion and extreme impact for maximum protection for the belt carcass. There are also a wide variety of cover thickness options to meet your requirements and operating conditions. XCG Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts provide high reliability and durability.

XCG Belts Suitable Applications: Above and Below Ground for Toughest Industrials

Extra Cut & Gouge Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts are suitable for heavy-duty applications in the toughest industries. These include hard rock mining, sand quarrying, mineral processing, mobile and fixed plant crushing, concrete recycling, aggregate processing and extreme engineering works or any other heavy industrial situation.

This tough belt is constructed to endue the highest wear from impact of large sized misshapen lumps, sharp edged materials and adverse loading. This strong endurance also extends the service life of the conveyor and reduces maintenance downtime.

ASC Conveyor Belt Custom Configuration – XCG M DIN-X

ASC offers in-house engineered and custom fabricated belts with a range of rubber cleats to choose from. Also available with vulcanised v-guide centre tracking strips, bonded to the bottom of your belt giving a true track to suit your application requirements. We offer installation and change out services as well.

Our in-house capabilities combined with our highly-skilled belt technicians provide a durable conveyor belt engineering and innovation solution that you can rely upon.

ASC Supply Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts

  • Cut to specified widths and lengths
  • Endless with mechanical belt fasteners
  • Endless with cold material vulcanisation
  • Endless with hot material vulcanisation

At the customers request, belt ends can be prepared for cold chemical joining or hot vulcanisation by the end user or supplied in slab rolls. ASC conveyor belting gives you the optimum solution and confidence you need for maximum conveying performance.

Production standards: ASC ContiTech XCG and M DIN-X Rubber Textile Conveyor Belts are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS1332

All State conveyors belting gives you the optimum solution and confidence you need for maximum conveying performance.

Email or call us on 03 97066339 and speak to our belt specialists regarding your conveying requirements to find the ideal conveyor belt for your application, or to arrange a quote.