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Corrugated Belt Sidewall

Need to increase load capacity or prevent load spillage for your steep incline conveyor system?

All State Conveyor’s premium quality rubber corrugated sidewall, combined with suitable cleat configurations, can increase your load carrying capacity, and help to eliminate material spillage for steep or high inclined conveyor systems (up to 90º for many industries).

Our vast stock holding with a wide range of profiles ensures prompt delivery to you each and every time.

High Grade Corrugated Belt Sidewall for Inclined Conveyor Solutions

All State Conveyors

All State Conveyors (ASC) offer a premium quality corrugated conveyor belt sidewall for transporting bulk goods for high incline conveyor systems. These sidewalls are particularly constructive in many industries such as steel plants, power plants, mining and mineral processing industry, ship loading and unloading in ports, food and grain, flour and sugar mills etc. The corrugated conveyor belt sidewall can increase the load carrying capacity and help to eliminate material spillage and leads to better production effectiveness. 

Unique Features and Benefits of ASC Corrugated Belt Sidewall

  • Utilisation of space effectively due to its designed for conveying at inclines up to 90º
  • Extremely high stability with good longitudinal flexibility

Wear and Abrasion Resistant Capabilities for Extreme Conditions

ASC provides corrugated sidewalls made from 60 durometer Natural Rubber (NR) with a specific corrugated wave edge profile armed with anti-wear and resistance to abrasive compounds.

All State Conveyors provide corrugated sidewall installations ensuring maximum flexing without fatigue. The profile has excellent vertical stability for load retention and return side support. The design allows for high compression to ensure smooth inner deflection around drums, pulleys and curves.

ASC Corrugated Belt Sidewall Made to Fit Your System Requirements

Our corrugated belt sidewall profiles have a standard width of 50mm and a range of heights from 60mm, 80mm, 100mm and 120mm. Suitable cleat configurations with heights from 60mm to up to 120mm are bonded to marry with the sidewall and belt angle to achieve variable incline angles from 0º to 90º.

Corrugated Belt Sidewall Available Sizes

All State Conveyors

ASC Reliable In-house Fabrication

All State Conveyors provides in-house custom sidewall conveyor belt fabrication, combined with on-site installation and belt change out services to meet your needs.

Contact us to speak to our belt specialists regarding your sidewall project or to arrange a quote.