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SureGuide – Who Are They

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All State Conveyors & SureGuide Automated Tracking Systems

All State Conveyors are authorised selling agents for SureGuide which is a local manufacturer of conveyor belt tracking units. They have serviced the local and international mining industries for nearly 30 years.

Return SureGuide© (SG)
A single-direction return tracker that operates by using the weight, tension and movement of the belt. The SureGuide® responds immediately to belt misalignment by tilting on its unique pivot design, gently guiding the conveyor belt back to centre. SureGuides® can be manufactured to suit both standard and non-standard conveyors and are designed to last.

Troughing SureGuide© (TSG)
The TSG is a robust mechanical frame that responds to the smallest belt misalignment, gently guiding the belt back to the centre of the frame. The frame pivots using a unique linkage system that guides the conveyor belt back to centre with very little pressure exerted on the belt edge. Available in 3-roller and 5-roller systems.

Reversible SureGuide© (RSG)
Building on the knowledge and function of the standard SureGuide® Return tracker, the inner mechanism of the Reversible SureGuide® responds to the change of belt direction.

(2 year warranty is offered on all new and refurbished units).

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At All State Conveyors, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the conveyor belt industry. We provide custom made, heavy duty, fit-for-purpose and standard belts with numerous covers.

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