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Wear Resistant Impact Spare Parts

All State Conveyors supply Impact Beds and replacement Bars for all loading zones and transfer points.

We supply Impact Beds and Replacement Bars to absorb impact when loading materials onto your conveyor system. They have adjustable trough angles and can absorb impact energy up to 400kg-m. This absorption level is suitable for installation with belt widths from 600mm to 2400mm and to provide proper support and effectively seal the load zone and minimise drag on the belt. 

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All State Conveyors

ASC Rugged Durability Impact Beds and Bars

All State Conveyors (ASC) are an authorised agent and supply an extensive range of Flexco conveyor Impact Beds and Impact Bars with excellent impact resistant capabilities for your loading zone and transfer points, including in both light and heavy duty applications such as rock mining and quarrying industries.

All State Conveyor’s Extensive Range Includes:

  • Impact Beds
  • Modular Impact Beds
  • Impact Saddles

ASC Impact Beds: Effectively Protect Your Conveyor Belt

ASC Impact Beds are very durable and reliable. The structure of the Impact beds are innovatively designed and constructed to ensure the effectiveness of the protection to your conveyor belt with less belt wear and damage, minimising rebounding and material degradation as well as absorbing the forces of material impact.

ASC Impact Beds have an adjustable trough angle from 20º – 45º, with impact energy up to 400kg-m for the toughest industries. The beds are suitable for 600mm to 2400mm belt widths to suit your conveyor system. These beds are engineered for easy installation, with minimal or no site structural modifications required. Together with their cost-effective part replacement slide out design and easy maintenance, these beds can be used along with our Skirting Systems for an optimum loading zone solution and transfer points.

Great Sealing Capability and Proper Impact Resistant Protection to Ensure System Efficiency

The areas of the load zone and transfer points are critical to ensure system efficiency for maximum production. These zones tend to be the areas of the conveyor system affected by adverse conditions associated with impact vibration from heavy lump falls, dust and spillage. In order to counter these high impact areas, each of these need to be individually considered for the proper structural support, for maximum belt protection and to seal the dust and spillage from escaping.

Why It Is Important to Choose the Right Impact Bed?

For any conveyor system, different material sizes and weights combined with different travelling speeds and drop height can cause considerable or extreme lump impact force that can cause damaging and degradation of the conveyor belts working life. The right impact bed MUST be installed correctly to absorb the impact energy and minimise any damage to the belt cover and fabric ply integrity.

Impact Saddles

All State Conveyors proudly markets this brilliantly designed, high impact wearing Taurus Impact Saddle. Essentially, the conveyor belt is supported by this independent suspended system (an Elastic Mattress) that saddles the conveyor belt at the impact zone, with strong abrasion resistant componentry that allow the belt to glide over the impact mattress.

The elongation of the saddle effectively absorbs the impact energy more efficiency and is considered superior when compared to other systems that work by ‘direct absorption’. An Elastic Mattress supports the belt and will consist of several transverse saddles. The saddles have mounted plates, which are designed to resist the abrasion and support the belt to glide over the mattress.

Impact Saddle: Cost Effective, Easily Wear Plate Replacement

The Saddles best features are the interchangeable plates which are the highest wearing componentry. These plates can be easily replaced independently of the whole saddle structure and the impact bed support bars when necessary. This greatly assists to minimise maintenance costings, as the entire saddle does not need to be replaced each time.

ASC Impact Bars: Superior Quality Reliably Engineered

In most cases, the Impact Bar top cover is constructed of a moulded composite slider bar comprised of a UHMPWE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) that has a low co-efficient of friction, which is then bonded by being vulcanised to a high impact resistant rubber. This process then repeats itself as the rubber is then vulcanised to an extremely strong, premium grade aluminium support bar for great strength and durability. These bars have been designed to cup and support the conveyor belt. The composite bars are easily replaced on-site, at the loading zones and transfer points on your conveyor system.

UHMWPE Provide High Abrasion Resistance Capability

The UHMWPE top cover layer is abrasion resistant and combined with a minimal coefficient factor, results in a low traction between the actual impact bar and the cover of the conveyor pulley. This allows the conveyor belt to smoothly transverse over the bar even though the belt is under a heavy load. The rubber bars construction is designed to absorb the impact from the rock fall thus reducing the stress upon the conveyor belt.

Supplied Impact Bars with Tapered Ends to Reduce Friction

All State Conveyors Impact Bars are supplied with tapered ends to reduce friction on the conveyor belt when travelling through the loading zones or transfer points. The tapering also assists to transition the belt onto the bed during these transfers that can cause additional wear to the impact bars and the conveyor belt.

T-Tracks are embedded in the base of the impact bar to stabilise the bars when assuming high impact. These T-Tracks ensure quick and seamless fastening via a T-Bolt to the impact bed componentry. The bars can be customised to your specifications and bed length or supplied as a standard issue. T-Bolt assemblies come with the impact bars and are designed for flexible and easy installation.

Our impact beds are engineered for superior belt protection and unmatched serviceability. Many of our beds feature universal components that result in an effective, yet affordable, solution. These beds can be used together, along with ASC skirting systems, for a complete load-zone protection solution. All State Conveyors skillful technicians are able to provide a professional impact bed installation for your trough system.

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